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Go to first new post NASCAR champion hits and kills driver.

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champion, driver, hits, kills, nascar
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Last Post: 05-31-2014 12:35 PM by Merc

Go to first new post Teen kills parents because they took away his iPad.

ipad, kills, parents, teen
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Last Post: 05-04-2014 08:03 AM by Merc

Go to first new post Jail explosion kills 2, injures 150

explosion, injures, jail, kills
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Go to first new post Man Kills Wife Over Ketchup

ketchup, kills, wife
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Last Post: 09-08-2013 06:45 PM by Vidic15

Go to first new post Swat team kills 107 year old man

kills, swat, team, year
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Go to first new post Freak Wind Kills Girl on Trampoline

freak, girl, kills, trampoline, wind
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Go to first new post US Diplomat Kills Man in Car Crash, Leaves Kenya

crash, diplomat, kenya, kills, leaves
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Go to first new post Diomedes kills kittens

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diomedes, kills, kittens
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Go to first new post Five-year-old boy accidentally kills sister with his own rifle

accidentally, fiveyearold, kills, rifle, sister
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Go to first new post Beaver Kills Man

beaver, kills
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Go to first new post Earthquake in Iran kills 30, injures more

earthquake, injures, iran, kills
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Last Post: 02-20-2013 12:13 PM by ysabel

Go to first new post When A 10-Year-Old Kills His Nazi Father, Who's To Blame?

10yearold, blame, father, kills, nazi
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Go to first new post Top doctor claims UK's NHS kills 130000 elderly patients per year

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claims, doctor, elderly, kills, patients, year
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Go to first new post Sheriff: Father kills man sexually abusing his daughter

abusing, daughter, father, kills, sexually, sheriff
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Go to first new post USA kills a known Al-Qaeda leader in drone attack

alqaeda, attack, drone, kills, leader
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Last Post: 03-06-2012 11:39 AM by Hilander

Go to first new post Ohio nursing home meth lab fire kills 1

fire, home, kills, meth, nursing, ohio
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Go to first new post Helicopter collision kills 7 Marines in Ariz.

ariz, collision, helicopter, kills, marines
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Go to first new post Washington avalanche kills 3 veteran skiers

avalanche, kills, skiers, veteran, washington
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Last Post: 02-12-2012 01:12 PM by Wade8813

Go to first new post Mexico Mob Kills 3 Suspected Kidnappers

kidnappers, kills, mexico, suspected
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Last Post: 02-06-2012 03:22 PM by viLky

Go to first new post Philippines earthquake kills scores

earthquake, kills, philippines, scores
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Go to first new post Former Nasa Worker Kills Husbands Mistress

husbands, kills, mistress, nasa, worker
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Go to first new post Bullet Fired Into Air Kills Amish Girl

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Go to first new post Casino attack in Mexico's Monterrey kills 51

attack, casino, kills, mexico, monterrey
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Go to first new post "Checkbook Justice" - Millionaire kills two, no jail time

checkbook justice, jail, kills, millionaire, time
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